50hectares Bagac Bataan

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Php 230,000,000.00

Barrio Saysain,Bagac, Bataan, Central Luzon
Around 150 kilometerson good roads from Manila
South China Sea side of Luzon Island

Breathtaking panoramic view of South China Sea, especially during sunset.
More than 2-kilometer long shoreline, with a combination of fine beach areas and rugged cliffs, crystal clear waters. Lush with bountiful fruit-bearing mango and coconut trees, also planted to hundreds of trees and seedlings of timber narra,mahogany, palm, from different parts of the world, and various bamboo species.
Historic landmarks, mostly WWII Japanese shrines, in neighboring areas in the province.
Natural marvels in surrounding areas and islands, such as rain forests, caves, waterfalls, and coral gardens.

Excellent peace and order conditions.

By land, from: Manila, around 3 1/2- 4 1/2 hours, through NLEX and SCTEX.
By land, from Subic, around 1 1/2 hours, through the Subic-Morong Bagac Highway.

Background on Bataan Province and Bagac Town

Bataan is the peninsula in the western part of Luzon, on the South China Sea.It is basically an agricultural province. Its population in the year 2005 was estimated to be around 552,000. It is known for its fine beaches and World War II landmarks. Many people believe that the province produces the sweetest mangoes and bananas, notwithstanding the claims of other provinces.

Bagac is located on the western side of Bataan, around 150 kilometers from Manila, and 28 kilometers from Balanga, the capital city.

Bagac is the biggest town in Bataan in terms of land area. It is an agricultural and aquatic area rich in bounty. It sits on top of a vast potential “gold mine” that is rich in natural wonders and full of historical feats. It is a showcase of pristine coastal and marine marvels. There are a number of resorts in Bagac, the most recent of which recreates an old-world Philippine ambience by restoring old houses from different provinces. It has begun to attract a number of local and foreign tourists, which could spill over to this special property. The nearby historic Mount Samat with its Dambana ng Kagitingan has just installed one of the longest ziplines in Luzon.

The property is home to thousands of grown trees:
1. Narra
2. Mahogany
3. Neem
4. Talisay
5. Eucalyptus
6. Parasol
7. Mango trees
8. Coconut trees
And many more!

  • Direct to owner? : One Broker Away
  • Title Status : Clean
  • Lot Shape : Irregular
  • Lot Type : Through lot or Back-to-Back
  • Lot Area (in sqm.) : 520,000sqm
  • Frontage in meters : Not provided
  • Facing or Orientation : West
  • Lot Contour or Topography : Gently sloping
  • Asking Price per square meter : Php450/sqm
  • BIR Zonal Value : Php400/sqm
  • BIR Tax on Sale : Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Asking Price is Gross or Net : Gross
  • Negotiable or Firm offer? : Yes, just submit offer
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